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Misty Fjords weekend

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Last friday, after work, I hopped on my boat with Jesse and a couchsurfer headed out for a camping trip.  I’ve caught so much seafood that I needed to do something else for a change.  That night, we brapped south around Point Alva and up Behm Canal.  After a brief stop at New Eddystone Rock, we continued in glassy calm seas, racing the sunset into Rudyard Bay.  After unloading the gear at the Punchbowl Trailhead, I moored the boat and hopped into the kayak to get back to shore.  Splash.  Soaked from the waist down.  So I put on my swimming trunks hopped back in, and hit the shore.  The gloaming of night fast approaching, we headed up the trail.  Soon it was pitch dark, and we were stumbling over one of the steepest, slipperiest and most broken trails I have ever hiked, all the time shouting at unseen bears.  Finally we made it to the shelter, made a fire, picked some songs on the guitar, got drunk and passed out.  Early next morning, we hit the water, canoeing past granite domes to a muskeg island on the lake.  The island had a lake on it, which in turn had an island on it, a bit like Inception according to my surfer friend.  Soon enough we were tramping back down the trail, seeing for the first time how dangerous last night’s hike was.  Past a waterfall and finally to the cove and boat.  With the engine roaring, and echoing off the walls, we brapped down Rudyard stopping at an exfoliated wall called the Owl’s Face, past a waterfall and finally to the Nooya Trailhead.  As the tide was rising, I edged the boat into the river itself before beaching it.  Up the trail to Nooya Lake, which was not as impressive as I was hopin.  The big domes were on the far end of the lake and we didn’t have time to canoe closer.  So back we went, down to the boat, and back to Ketchikan.  It had been sunny the whole time, contrasting nicely with the forecasted windy rain.  This area has incredible potential for FA trad and wall climbs.  There was even a formation overhanging Punchbowl lake perfect for deepwater soloing or cragging from a canoe on perfectly clean hand and finger cracks with roofs.


I may not have done much skiing this year, but I did this.


Props to Joe for showing me the way.  Southern Thailand is paradise.  White sand beaches with jungles full of poisonous snakes and spiders.  Evil monkeys tearing the heads off of ferile kittens.  A complete lack of sanitation.  Ordering swag spliffs from the bar.  Limestone caves and cliffs with tufas and stalagtights.  Humid heat.  optional clothing policies.  weeks of dihareea.  “buckets” breaking stainless steel bolts under bodyweight.  scuba diving in underwater caves before deepwatersoloing with expatriot dive instructors

All at a price that isn’t as cheap as everyone thinks


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less than a week to wait

I’ve been pulling my hair out at work since I got back from my climbing trip but now I’m packing for Anchorage.  They just got an ugly wet storm so we’ll see what comes.  I’m hoping for a Hatcher hut trip and some sick turnagain sunny lines, lets make a list of places I want to ski this december

  • mint glacier
  • wolverine
  • kicksteap
  • tt fourty something
  • valdez

just to name a few andyway, heres some ski porn from youtube of someone else doing something cooler than what your doing right now


I think this is um… not sure

and some photogs from climbing in places like

  • cookie crag yosemite
  • west crack of daff dome twolomne
  • regular route of fairview dome twolomne
  • cragging with Joe from Talketna in Yosemite
  • bouldering in Bishop at the Buttermilks
  • Dark Sadows in Red Rocks
  • Epinephrine in Red Rocks
  • hot springs and cliff jumping on the Colorado River
  • got hit in the face with a #2 camelot leading left ski track in joshua tree
  • this random crawl through maze in the dark in jtree
  • papa woolsley slab jtree (many more in jtree)
  • the shield of el cap failure
  • half dome’s snake dike
  • cragging with about 10 alasan friends in the heat with the 2 pitch chimney i led, that one was so sick.  no beta for the route sent it ya fuck ya, um am I still writing…
  • Twolomne’s south crack on stately pleasure dome

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The First “Shitty”

Dance dance dance

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K town hiking

This summer kicked ass

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Ktown summers

Many fish were harmed in the making of this post

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